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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'd be stoked to hear about your 2018 year and any big plans for 2019 diving!

2018 has been an epic dive year for me and I'm super grateful my wife has allowed me to invest in it as much as I have - although I try hard to make sure she is well cared for too. The more I dive, the more dates we go on!  :-* I have one last blue water trip lined up in Kona this year and I might try to hop in the water this Saturday but after that looks like the speargun will be dry till January. 2019 will be very different as we're expecting our first kid in early February. I'm hoping Bella Love will develop a passion for the ocean so I can have a dive buddy in a few years. Here is our Christmas Card this year (every year we try to do something fun/quirky).   

Merry Xmas to NCUH members


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