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Gift Ideas - Ab/urchin/Scallop Shells

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Hey all,

Family is doing one of those, homemade gift exchanges this year.  Anyone have any cool things they have made with there old shells, or seen made with old shells?  I was thinking of the some old classics like a soap holder / shaver holder / ect.

Thanks all!

abalone shell clock,

clean up shell real nice and buy one of the clock kits from amazon and install super easy and they look cool. Another good one is take a cleaned up sea urchin shell and install l.e.d light and make a cool night light

That sounds doable!

Anyone know what paint would work best with the shells?

Ash tray


--- Quote from: Rob102 on November 27, 2018, 02:44:17 PM ---Ash tray

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Or do the extra work to make it a keys/change holder.


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