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Pacific Coast Championships San Simeon Campgrounds Nov 10, 2018


Pacific Coast Championships
San Simeon Campgrounds
Nov 10, 2018
3 Man Teams, if you dont have a team come anyway maybe we can team you up.
$20 entry fee

20 fish limit/ F&G rules will be met or exceeded...
standard RCG - 10 fish total
Blue rock fish.  4 fish.  14" min
Black rock fish.  3 fish.  14" min
Cabezon.  2 fish.  16" min
Greenling.  4 fish.  14" min
Lingcod.  2 fish.  24" min
Vermillion.  4 fish.  14" min
Sheephead.  2 fish.  18" min
Perch.  4 fish.  14" min

Mandatory diver meeting 630 pm at my campsite Nov 9, 2018. For those of you unfamiliar with PCC format, this is when we pull the dive location "out of the hat" to make for a more even, competitive dive.

Trophies for 1st - 5th Individual, 1st place team, and largest fish

No scouting from Oct 10 on and no electronics (GPS, fish finders)

Nov 10 dive day.
7am-8am check in/briefing
830-230.  Dive, no travel time
330-4pm.  Weigh in on beach unless specified

This tournament is NOT for a spot for the Nationals!!! Wasen Van Ventura
510 598 5320

Online registration to follow this coming week. I am working on shirts but no guarantee being my first year and all. More info to follow

Event page is up

Kayak or SUP use is allowed, right? I'm guessing as long as it's human powered, we're ok? 

Sir Rob IV:
Pretty certain, but check out and email to ask


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