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A SAD Day NCUH has lost one their own to crime RIP Mark


RIP my fellow diver and Norcal Underwater Hunters member Mark and thank you for protecting us and serving the public and my condolences to the family

 27-year-old Mark Stasyuk, who served as a deputy for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

Stasyuk was shot and killed Monday in the line of duty.

Here's everything we know about the shooting >

Dang... I saw this on the news this morning... Sad day indeed.

Does anyone know his wife? Is there something we can do to help her?

"A family member told KCRA that Stasyuk was "madly in love with (his wife.) They just got married in March. He loved fishing, (so much!) spending time outdoors, and had big dreams for his new future. He taught (his wife) how to scuba dive, they did that on their honeymoon in Mexico. He loved being a deputy, talked about it all the time. He was a man full of integrity.""

RiP... what a tragic, senseless loss. Condolences to his Wife & Family. Thank you for your service, Mark.

Second what Eric said... who knows his fam?

Mike n:
RIP brother.



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