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Big Jim just commented on his state record MFE today on Facebook which made me curious to look at some state records. Upon research, the state record for spearfishing (free dive) Rubber Lipped Perch is 4 lbs 10oz. Well... LOOK AT THIS PICTURE (4lb 8oz)and compare belly sizes with the one I'm holding right in the water. It was super pregnant. Since perch are live breeders (no eggs laid - just live fish) I thought I'd be a nice guy and pushed all the babies out of her before I brained her (they were ready and about 30 babies swam away). I thought I was saving fish for later... had no thought that this could be a state record perch...  I AM KICKING MYSELF SO BAD RIGHT NOW! Upon further research ( the largest recorded rubber lip was 19.6" and mine is 20.125"...

Is there somewhere I can submit these photos for some semblance of official recognition for a freaking huge surfperch?

Don’t get caught up in the records.  Just enjoy the quality fish when you can get them. 


--- Quote from: DG on September 07, 2018, 02:26:11 PM ---Don’t get caught up in the records.  Just enjoy the quality fish when you can get them.

--- End quote ---

That's like saying don't take karate just to beat people up.  :P
I hear ya, Duane. Just want at least 1 record to hang on the wall... who knows.. maybe it will be DOTY 2018 =P

I meant don’t beat yourself up.  Always good to challenge yourself and finding bigger fish sure helps. 

I thought learning karate was so you can beat people up. 

All hail the great perch slayer!  We can sit around the campfire and tell the saga for generations to come!

Not very prestigious the record for the biggest of the smallest fish  I find it a bit ironic that people get records because a fish grew up, and then they killed it.



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