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Ted Talks Freediving Live on Instagram 7:00 p.m. EST on Spearing Magazine IG pag


Tuesday Ted Talks Freediving Live on Instagram 7:00 p.m. EST on Spearing Magazine IG page.

Tonight Special Guest Jeromy Gamble owner of Spearing Magazine

Tonight episode will be on the Instagram page of Spearing Magazine @SpearingMagazine.

Episode #8 Game Plan

Educational Story from my career.

I will start by sharing the story of two terribly unsafe "training" methods I employed while working as a scuba instructor in the keys. This was before I had taken my first Freediving class, and was a self-taught freediver like most freedivers. I'm lucky to be alive. You will learn if I had not taken that freediving class, myself or one of the scuba instructors at my dive shop would have died.

Educational Topic

I will discuss how to set your self up for safety while spearfishing and how to effectively hunt as a team, as opposed to a group of individuals competing against each other.

Then I will bring Jeromy Gamble on the show. Jeromy has taken my course twice. He will share how he has implemented my safety protocols into his spearfishing. He will also tell you that he and his group put more fish in the cooler hunting as a team than they ever did hunting as individuals. Putting fish in the cooler is the whole point right?

Answer your questions live

We will also be answering your questions. If you have a question you would like one of us to answer, here is the best way to get your question answered.

Go to the most recent post on Immersion Freediving Instagram page, and place your question in the comments. Before the show, all the questions that are in the comments will be printed out, and they will get priority. You can also ask questions during the live chat, but the ones in the comments get priority.

Giving away $70 in my online courses

I will also be giving away $70 in my online classes. One is my Road Map to Frenzel Equalizing course which teaches my step by step method on how to do Frenzel. As a freediver, you need to be doing the Frenzel method of equalization, not the Valsalva method.

Here is a quick video that will allow you diagnose if you are doing Valsalva or Frenzel.

If you are doing Valsalva and you are struggling to equalize your ears in the 15-30ft range, this is why. My course will teach you how to do Frenzel. I've taught over 500 people how to Frenzel online since 2011. You can see entire course @

Use the coupon code 060518Frenzel to get $9 of the normal price of $49 for $40 for the next 24 hours.

I also have 19 of the past articles I've written for Spearing Magazine and 11 educational videos in another course bundle that is $19. For the next 24 hours it is only $15 with the following coupon code 060518LE15, you can see it @


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