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Moving to Mendocino

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Wow. It's actually happening, we're moving to Mendocino. After years of looking for land and dreaming about moving to the North coast, everything seems to be falling into place and we're actually moving at the beginning of March. Looking forward to a new life and more opportunities to dive.

A little background: I've lived in the Bay Area my whole life. Love the weather and the available work, but the cost of living keeps going up as do the apartment complexes. Quiet areas I once enjoyed solitude at are now increasingly devoloped and packed with people. Single family homes where we've been living are now renting for 3.5-4k a month. We spend most weekends traveling North,  it's time to try something new. I've almost bought land in Timber cove and Gualala in the past before I had my son, but now want to settle down in the town of Mendocino due to their schools and the community we've grown to love.

The reason for the post is to try and connect with people already living, working and raising families in the area. We are looking at the small town of Mendocino, but may rent in Fort Bragg until we find a property to purchase. I'm particularly interested in how you guys are making a living. I'm a landscape contractor (have my C-27 and working on a arborist certification) and will be keeping my maintenance team operational untill I can either start a new business or find work. Seems there is abundant tree work, but I've always been interested in carpentry if I could find an apprenticeship. I'm 33 only getting older and have the energy to start over now.

Feel free to direct message me or call. My # is 650-269-1675 or


Will do. After watching your year in review vid,  I could imagine you'll be in the area a little more often... possibly lol. That looked like a damn good one by the way.

Used your acid wash technique to clean up a few of my shells a while back. Thanks.

Wish you the best on your new adventures.  It can be great living on the coast but it doesn’t always equal more Diving.  When you are busy and the water looks good it haunts you.  When you want to dive and the ocean is nasty it pisses you off. 

Ft Bragg has a shortage of good houses and even though the price is way less than the Bay Area the local income doesn’t really match what is needed to live comfortably.  Specialty jobs like you mentioned do pay more but can be seasonal.  There are always jobs avail in landscaping, tree trimming and construction.  They can pay well but many of the people I know that do those jobs usually have multiple jobs or work for others when their jobs are slow. 

Some people who live in Ft Bragg work in Ukiah because the pay is higher.  Others move to Willits and Ukiah because it’s cheaper and then just make the 1 hour drive to the coast whenever they want. 

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Welcome to the area.

I wish I could live closer to the coast, but as mentioned the job situation is an obstacle.

Moved to Mendocino 3 years ago, haven't regretted it for one second, ever!  The elementary and high school here are great, way different than Fort Bragg.  The people are all great too, dealing with tourists can be a pain, but just avoid town on big weekends. 
Like DG said there is plenty of work, for good workers.  Won't pay as much as bay area for sure though.  It is easier to find work than a house to rent. 
Feel free to hit me up with any other questions.
Good luck and stay away from my spots,


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