Author Topic: 2017 fish game commision Meeting schedule All Meetings Open to the Public  (Read 2064 times)


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2017 fish game commision Meeting schedule  All Meetings Open to the Public

Here is a link to the schedule for the DFW commission meetings for 2017

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Just sent my second letter to the commissioners for their October Meeting regarding the Future of Abalone Diving and not closing it next year. My request was to put all options on the table to include opening the waters from Santa Cruz to the Golden Gate and any MPLA/MPA created for the conservation of the Abalone fishery. What has always came to mine was opening of Seal rock above Pt Areana as I saw the underwater video shot by Milo and seen all the stacked Ab's in this area around the time the researches where crying about how desamated this area was do to sports take of the Ab's in this area.

Thanks for your Efforts
Ralph C
Santa Cruz
Ralph C

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That's a good idea Ralph. If they are considering leaving the fishery open at lower population densities, then a great way to eliminate effort shift would be to open all areas that are at comparable densities.

Thanks for posting!


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