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Riffe #0 wood type PEBBLE BEACH


Hey everyone, went out to hunt some fish this Sunday and accidentally tipped my Riffe #0 it's 33" and has the fish limit markings halibut cabezon and lingcod I believe either or it has some markings in black sharpie. I went to dive in the water and must of tipped it off the boat right by the huge rock on your way out of pebble beach. Around 30 feet away from the rock towards the beach. I don't have my hopes up or anything because I'm sure whom ever finds it will want to keep it but if anyone does and wants to return it I can give a good 50$ I know it ain't much but it's what I got. Anyway thank you guys I probably spent a good 30mins searching and got dehydrated and exaughsted....and to top it off it's the GFs gun I feel like shit knowing I lost her gun

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That's sucks but I have found several guns, belts knife and all kinds of gear.  I lost my share also. 

Markings and posting it here sure gives you a better chance and getting it back. 

Thank you DG and yeah bro it suck buck definitely hope it somehow makes it back to me

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