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Fort Ross


I know I will hear it for asking but... I was up on the coast last Saturday with a strong wind blowing. ft ross and gerstle were the only places that were nice. Question, can fin fish be taken there on hook and line or spear? I have looked around a bit and I am not sure. I would have just gone for a swim.

yes fish are ok to be taken in the fort Ross closure area
here is a hand app for MPA's and the regs for them just zoom in to the area you want and double click on the colored area for the break down

thanks matt. We fished there on saturday. the ocean took more than it gave. I managed one gopher.

Ft ross you can take finfish, but I believe Gerstle you cannot take anything.


This is what i use,
matt's map works easily as well, and remember no scallops  or urchin north of south gerstle up to Stewart's. ( the line is actauly between there and ocean cove)


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