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Mlpa maps and google earth file for mlpa's

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Anyone know of a good current google earth file with all the state wide mpa's?

I have downloaded the two from the downloads page, and while the first one is real good, it only has the north central and its outdated.  The newer one isn't so friendly. 

I found a real good one last year, but didn't back it up, and now its gone.  It had links set up, so when you click on a reserve, it would open a webpage showing the info on that one.  I can't seem to find it anymore.

Seems to me like the dfg should have these on there website...

Anyone know of a good one? 


Thanks Matt, that mobile maps page is pretty good, been using that lately, 
but since I use google earth to scout dive spots it's pretty clutch to have it on there, as a layer I can turn off and on.
If anyone knows of a good one let me know.  Thanks!


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