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Gear For Sale / Riffe 3 Atm (formerly 2ATM) floats for sale
« Last post by StinkyPete on September 15, 2020, 02:13:51 PM »
Guys -

In time for bluefin season...

Selling my two Riffe 3 ATM floats (I bought them when the label said 2 ATM). Both have my info sharpied on them so that would need to be covered or removed unless you want me to get them back if you lose them ;)

Clearing out my garage and found a ton of bluewater gear I don't need. First to go are the floats

One float could use a new bladder (bulbed at the back), which is $60 on Riffe's site. Other one looks great. I re-inflated both of them last night and they both hold air just fine. Could use the one that needs a new bladder for yellowtail until you get a new bladder.

*$200 for the one that doesn't need a new bladder
*$100 for the one that should have a new bladder

PM me for pics and info. I'm in the Bay Area and would rather keep it local if possible but I'm in Monterey a fair amount and could bring them there as well.

General / Re: Conditions Website
« Last post by Duckfoot on September 11, 2020, 10:40:27 AM »
Just came across this site. Haven't looked too deep yet but looks similar to
Dive Sites / Re: Pacifica
« Last post by Malibu_Two on September 10, 2020, 08:22:06 AM »
I saw a great white there right off the creek a few weeks ago. Here's a short clip. You can see the dorsal and caudal fins.

General / Re: Conditions Website
« Last post by Duckfoot on September 09, 2020, 09:23:13 PM »
Yeah. If you haven't yet, check out all the options in the menu on the right. I've been using it (the timeline on the bottom) for knowing what the smoke will be doing. The predictions have been spot on.
General / Re: Conditions Website
« Last post by bluestar on September 09, 2020, 09:00:59 AM »
Wow what a great site!!!!
Dive Sites / Pacifica
« Last post by Bad_fish on September 09, 2020, 12:49:37 AM »
Dove Shelter Cove on the Pacifica beach side where people are usually fishing the rocks.  There was a guy looking for halibut out there with no luck.  Bad vis.  Saw a huuuge abalone.  A fisherman mentioned a ship wreck small structure out there which I didn't venture out to look. Anyone seen it before or can confirm?  People were catching fish with rod and reel.  Saw some perch and maybe rock greenling.  Sharky area—surfer got his board chomped a week before.  Wouldn’t necessarily take a drive there but if it’s in your frontyard...
Gear For Sale / 7mm hammerhead wetsuits (medium), carbon fins, gloves, old guns, etc
« Last post by chulho on September 07, 2020, 11:36:35 AM »
moving and getting rid of stuff.

(2) hammerhead 7mm medium wetsuits, both in pretty good shape.  probably good size for 5'6 - 5'9, 125-140lbs.  i'm 5'9, 140 and wore them but wouldn't say it was a super comfortable fit.  both for $50.

hammerhead rashguard- good shape- got it to wear under the 7mm wetsuit during winter.  tried that just couple of times and abandoned that combo.  $5

EDIT: hammerhead 80cm? wood/hybrid gun w/ like-new bands.  crack on the wood where it attaches to handle- sealed with epoxy and works well.  just doesn't look too good due to visible crack.
 (2) shafts.  $40

hammerhead 75cm evolution gun + hammerhead proteus (short... like 45 or 55cm).  75cm trigger sometimes works sometimes doesn't.  finicky.  that's why i stopped using it.  proteus- rust on spear, but both shoots.  rubber in "eh, but ok" condition.  FREE- do a little tune up and give to your buddy just starting out.

random gloves and socks- some near new condition, including yazbeck size 4 socks (never taken out to ocean but had some nicks i sealed).  $5 for the whole lot- yeah, gotta take them all. 

water/kayak line with tuna clip- dont' think i ever took it out to the ocean.  don't know how long- maybe 30ft?  $1

moving out of the house and priced to get rid of it.  i also have a monofin, front snorkel, and orca freedive suit for warm water or pool.  (good for 5'4 to 5'7, 120-130 lbs?), nose clips- all in very good shape, even though suit might be wrinkled looking.  the suit can be used for tri-ath.  it was a preferred suit for freediving 6-8 years ago.  fun to take to local pool and use front snorkel and practice mono finning.  all for $50.

EDIT: added carbon fiber leader fins (medium stiffness), foot pocket size 9.  scratches here and there, and ziplock reinforced on the keepers.  seen the ocean maybe 5 times- tip edges are nice and clean- $40

i'm in hayward near downtown.  must pick up today as i'm heading out of town tomorrow morning.  text me at (510) 473-6443

You lost me at "for example". Do you have the audio version? :P
Please tell me more. Do i have to drink any kool-aid?

Sorry, we only got that purple stuff
Please tell me more. Do i have to drink any kool-aid?
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