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DATE: AUGUST 3-6-2020

This event is located in the norther 1/2 of Beaver Lake.
From Points posted 19 and 13, all north of Rambo arm.
Water should be 75-80 degrees F. Visibility 5-15’, depth is 5-45’ for most fish.

FUN BIG FISH MEET: AUGUST 3 MONDAY; Entry fee & BBQ included.
Hunt- Scout all day and bring back only 1 striper each, from anywhere on Beaver lake.
This is the only time you may carry a loaded gun in the event area.
Weigh in is at the Dam Pavillon, right on the water. 4-4:30 ONLY,  BBQ to follow.
$CASH$ prizes for top 5 biggest fish by weight. Non divers BBQ fee $10, paid in advance.

5-10pm at Coronas restaurant.    14340 AR-12, Rogers,    479-925-3158
Buffet dinner 5:00 PM -7:00 PM; Meeting 7:00 PM-10:00 PM
Buffet dinner about $20, TBA

AUG. 5 Last scouting day. Loaded guns may not be in the event zone. Fish may be shot in
 the non event areas.

AUG. 6, THURSDAY,   Game fish day, NO Black Bass: small mouth lg mouth, spotted.
1 striper & wipers, over 20”
2 walleye, +18”
3 drum, 5 catfish, 2 northern pike: no size limits
5 pan fish, Crappie must be 10”
5 White bass
**No carp or other rough fish
8AM Check in, then travel. Dive 830- 230,  back at Dam Pavillon by 3;00
Points: 1 points per pound,  with a max of 25 lbs / points  per fish.
Each divers is required to keep their own fish separate in marked bags or tubs each day.
    Fish Fry for divers, Captains and staff during the wt in.

AUGUST 7, FRIDAY,  Rough fish day: Carp, grass carp. drum, suckers, long nose gars…Unlimited take.
No game fish!!
Points 3 points per fish
8am Check in, then travel. Dive 830- 230,  back at Dam Pavillon by 3;00   
Banquet at Coronas, buffet 630-8pm,  awards/ raffle  8- 10pm   

Spearfishermen must display a standard diver’s flag and spearfish no more than 100 yards from it. The flag must be at least 12 inches square and at least 12 inches above the water.

**The WFSC World Freshwater Spearfishing Championship will also be in Beaver Lake in Aug of 2021
       Qualify in your country to enter this World Competition Fun Event.

Done !

Looks like the plan is just to try gather more uni and hope for best.

Abalone & Fisheries Management / Re: Petition for a New Abalone Management Zone
« Last post by Kshang on Yesterday at 07:33:01 PM »
this will help with the design of the new fishery that is currently being worked on, as of now they will exclude this part of the coast from the fishery plan which will hurt us. Go to some of the up coming meeting and this will become more clear

Nov 5 2019 Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting agenda:
I dunno guys, but this reminds me of an old anecdote about moving beds in brothel to help gain more clients.
Abalone is doomed with those numbers of urchins and without kelp.. regardless of how they zone fisheries.
Sorry for negativity, I just really don't understand HOW this can help.
Abalone & Fisheries Management / Re: Petition for a New Abalone Management Zone
« Last post by Rob102 on Yesterday at 01:26:25 PM »
Got this from Jack Likins

weather your a diver or just an abalone lover and enjoy eating please sign this petition

Fellow divers and anyone who would like to see a sustainable abalone fishery in California's future,

I have started the attached petition to demonstrate support for making Humboldt and Del Norte Counties a separate abalone management and fishing zone. The link below will take you to a site where you can read and sign the petition as a supporter. Please forward this email and the link to others who may be interested.

Thankx for your consideration,

Jack Likins

PS: For more information you may contact me at:

Petition for a New Abalone Management Zone

We, the undersigned, are asking the Abalone Project Team, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Fish and Game Commission to consider separating Humboldt and Del Norte Counties as an autonomous fishing zone in the revised abalone Fisheries Management Plan.

This request is an improvement upon the current proposals under consideration because it accounts for ecological and biological differences of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties compared to Mendocino, Sonoma and Marine Counties. Humboldt and Del Norte counties comprise a very large area at the northern edge of the red abalone’s range, where they are found in much lower density/abundance than Mendocino, Sonoma and Marin Counties. The Marine Life Management Act requires the state to manage marine resources based on “the best available scientific information and other relevant information”, whether it comes from the Commission, Department or other entities (FGC § 7050(b)(6)). Failure to manage the Humboldt and Del Norte zone using data and thresholds specific to its ecological and biological attributes would not represent the best management practices set by the MLMA. Humboldt and Del Norte counties have data available from academic and citizen science entities in California which can be evaluated and used, along with other ecological data, to allow for sustainable management of abalone within this separate fishing zone.

For more information contact: Jack Likins at
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