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Northern California Underwater Hunters is a diving forum dedicated to the North Coast of California and itís oceanic resources. We believe that the North Coast is absolutely unique and precious. We feel honored and privileged to be a part of the sport diving community that exists here. We hunt and gather with the utmost respect for the environment and the laws and regulations of the CA Dept of Fish and Game. We believe in active involvement with the legislative powers to help sustain our vital ocean habitat for generations to come, and to the best of our abilities, help provide them with the unique information that us divers can provide, to make sound and justified decisions.

This forum will strive to provide a place where underwater hunting enthusiasts can openly communicate and inform one another of subjects and topics related to North Coast hunting and gathering. Also, to serve as a diving connection base, where divers can meet one another and plan dive trips to share in the enjoyment of this wonderful sport. We hold and adhere to the utmost respect for one another and the individual opinions throughout the forumís membership. It is our hope that the club be as diversified as possible with new divers to the most seasoned and advanced divers sharing in the knowledge and enjoyment of such a unique sport. 

So welcome aboard and letís go diving!

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